Shortwave Log


Shortwave Log is a suite of applications for logging and radio control. A newly rewritten version is coming this summer! Although it is called Shortwave Log (or SWLog), that is now primarily for historical reasons. SWLog started back in 1988 as an MS-DOS application just for shortwave. Today SWLog also is suited for any type of broadcast, beacon, or utility logging as well as for amateur radio logs. The particular twist for SWLog with regard to amateur radio logs is that it is data-centric. While other programs are tailored for specific tasks, SWLog focuses on the data and is intended to be the logbook of record. Other programs can be used to create the shortave or amateur logs, while SWLog can then import the logs and have them stored in the database.


The functionality of the current version is just a tad greater than the original MS-DOS version from 1988! Note the subtle Y2K bug and the old 80x25 text mode!



Click through the various tabs to see what is coming. The application is currently in a closed-beta (i.e. invitation only). A public release is targeted for sometime in Summer 2021.

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