Web Control

The Web Control application allows for the two main aspects of the suite - logging and radio control - to be accomplished over the web. This is in addition to the existing functionality that is provided in the traditional radio control programs.



Block Diagram

The Web Control Server application interfaces with logging program and the Radio Control API Server for logbook access and direct radio control. While this looks complex, a wizard greatly simplifies getting everything working together.


This configuration also allows for scalability as the different elements can reside on different computers on the network.

Logbook Entry

When adding shortwave/broadcast/utility logs, the same program schedule databases that are used in the desktop application are also leveraged in the web application to aid in identifying a transmission.


When adding an amateur radio log, integration to QRZ.com or the locally stored FCC and Canadian amateur databases allows for calls to be looked up. The web pages will dynamically resize to work on a desktop, tablet, or phone.

Viewing Logs

Both broadcast logs and amateur radio QSOs can be viewed over the web interface.

Remote Tuning

Any radio or SDR application that can be controlled by the Radio Control Desktop application can be controlled on the web.

Responsive Design

The web pages will scale down to fit on a tablet or phone screen. This is quite useful in a home lab situation to remotely log or control a radio at home over the local WIFI network.