Phone (Mobile)

SWLog offers apps for Android and iOS. Yes, dark mode is supported!


Add Amateur QSO

Designed for handling pile-ups, adding an amateur QSO allows for quick data entry. POTA and SOTA support is integrated as well as online lookups to QRZ if Internet access is available. If not, all logs will be properly looked up when uploaded to the main SWLog logging application.

Add Broadcast Log

When adding a shortwave, medium wave, or utility log, the local What's Playing Now (WPN) database is searched to aid in logging, just as with the main logging program.


Check the propagation to a specific station. As can be seen in this iOS screen-shot, the native Apple Maps is used on iOS devices.

What's Playing Now (WPN)

Peruse all active transmissions by frequency or band to help determine what is currently being broadcast.

Transfer Data

Download listening posts (QTHs), radios, modes, and program schedules from the main logging program. Upon completing the logs, upload back to the main logging program.

Browse Amateur QSOs

Amateur QSOs that are pending to be uploaded to the main logging program can be viewed in chronological order.

Browse Amateur QSOs

The internal GPS of the phone is integrated to provide precise lat/long coordinates as well the current grid square.


In the settings page, QRZ can be configured as well as the host name or IP address of the main logging program.


If desired, the entire local database can be reset.