Please thoroughly test Shortwave Log before paying for a license key. This is of particular importance if the desire is to use radio control or to run a standalone server on a Raspberry Pi or other Linux box.

Unregistered (Free) Version

There is no time limit on how long the free version may be used. Plus the free version can be upgraded at any time, just as with the registered version. The free version has most of the features of the registered version, with the following limitations:

  • The number of logs is limited to 10 per UTC day
  • Open Streets Maps is always used (i.e. no Bing maps)
  • The DRM, FCC HF Seasonal, and HFCC databases are used for station lookups
  • For Radio Control, sessions are limited to 20 minutes
  • No direct support; the groups.io forum can be used

Registered (Purchased) Version

By purchasing an annual license, all limitations are lifted. The application will support the additional schedule databases of ADDX, AOKI, EiBi, ILGRadio, and SWSkeds.

The Shortwave Log suite of applications is licensed on an annual basis. As the application leaves its current closed-beta state and moves into production, more details will be forthcoming. Upon registration, a license key will be mailed. This license file will be read by the applications and startup and remove all of the limitations that are in the unregistered (free) version.

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