The next version of the Shortwave Log suite of applications is currently being tested and has not yet been released to the public. The version listed here is beta code and is for the group of selected testers.


Minimum Requirements


  • Windows 10 (the current release or the previous)
  • .NET 4.6.2 or later; .NET 4.8 recommended
  • SQL Server Express or any higher edition (the current release or the previous)
  • 4GB RAM; 8GB recommended


  • The primary use case for Linux is to have a Raspberry Pi running 24/7 with one or more radios connected via USB-to-Serial dongles. Plus the Raspberry Pi is running the web front-end and the radio control server. This allows for a remote, standalone server.
  • The Radio Control API Server and the Shortwave Log Web application run natively on a Raspberry Pi (linux-arm) or Ubuntu (linux-x64). No other distributions have been tested.
  • The main Shortwave Log program will still need to be setup on a Windows machine as it contains the logic to create the database and upgrade the database.
  • Plus SQL Server Express or any higher edition (the current release or previous) will also need to be setup either on a Windows or Linux host.


grade DOWNLOAD FOR linux-arm

grade DOWNLOAD FOR linux-x64

grade DOWNLOAD FOR windows-x86


Release Notes

Build 7771 - Released 2021-04-11

  • Bug fixes in preparation for release.
  • This can be considered RC2 (release candidate 2). The next release is expected to be the final, production release.
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