SWLog - Shortwave & Amateur Radio Log

Registered & Trial Versions

Shortwave & Amateur Radio Log is available as an annually registered version and as a trial version with limited functionality. See the register page for more details.

The suite of applications is for Windows. Only a subset of functionality is available for Linux. See below for details.



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Minimum Requirements



  • ARM or x64 distribution
  • 2GB RAM
  • Specifically targeted for the Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 with Raspberry Pi OS & Ubuntu on the desktop

The primary use case for Linux is to have a Raspberry Pi or an x64 distribution running 24/7 with one or more radios connected via USB-to-Serial adapters. The Linux server runs the web front-end and the radio control server. This allows for a remote, standalone server that can run 24/7. It is assumed that the main application and SQL Server run on a bona fide Windows machine, in a VM. For the adventurous, SQL Server can also run under Linux. It should work, but it has not been tested.


Quick Install or Upgrade - Windows

  • Apply all Windows Updates
  • If upgrading, backup the database and QSL cards, sound clips, etc.
  • If upgrading from SWLog v7 or earlier, remove the application
  • If running SQL Server Express is 2016 or earlier, it will need to be upgraded separately**
  • Run the installation package and install all the checked items. Follow any prompts by the various programs.
** If a previous version of SQL Server is installed, downloading SQL Server 2022 Express directly from Microsoft and performing a manual upgrade is the best option. An alternative method would be, assuming a valid backup exists for not just SWLog but all other databases, to completely remove the old version of SQL Server and let the installation package install SQL Server.



Build 8536 - Released May 15, 2023

grade linux-arm

grade linux-x64

grade windows-x64


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