Minimum Requirements


  • Windows 10 or later
  • .NET 4.6.2 or later; .NET 4.8 recommended
  • SQL Server Express or a commercial version (the current release or the previous)
  • 2GB RAM; 8GB recommended


The primary use case for Linux is to have a Raspberry Pi or lightweight server like Ubuntu running 24/7 with one or more radios connected via USB-to-Serial dongles. The Linux server runs the web front-end and the radio control server. This allows for a remote, standalone server that can run 24/7. The main program runs under Windows and does not run under Wine.

grade DOWNLOAD FOR linux-arm (gzip)

grade DOWNLOAD FOR linux-x64 (gzip)

grade DOWNLOAD FOR windows-x86 (7-zip)

grade DOWNLOAD FOR windows-x86 (zip; not recommended as it is 30% larger than the 7-zip version)


Release Notes

Build 7823 - Released 2021-06-02

  • Fixed a typo in the notes on the ClassAxe import form.
  • Added a form to show the country heat map in an animated fashion by year.
  • Added QSL Management support. This is a feature that existed in the previous version of SWLog but did not make it into the feature set for the initial release.
  • Added Amateur Call Sign lookup form for the local FCC & Canadian databases
  • Added Amateur Call Sign lookup form for (requires a subscription to
  • Added the reporting of debugging event to the Trace log. This will allow for debug events to be viewed by an end user with a tool from SysInternals.

Build 7807 - Released 2021-05-16

  • Initial, public release.
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